CARDAMOM CLUB - Plantation Resort near
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady, Kerala

Cardamom Club is a Plantation Resort set amidst in a beautiful Cardamom farm situated in Thekkady, adjacent to the Periyar wild life sanctuary in Idukki, Kerala, India. It is covered around about 15 acres of lush green area offers a great view from its top end. It also provides many adventurous sports such as trekking rock climbing, fishing and angling.

The Cardamom Club Thekkady, differs from thekkady hotels, it offers 7 Deluxe Double Rooms equipped with all modem comforts for the visitors to not only observe the wildlife but enjoy these adventurous experiences and make their tour more exciting and thrilling.

Snuggled into a cozy valley, high up in the hills, with the grand old forest peaks towering paternally around it. Cardamom Club is as cut off from the world as you can get. What is does have however, is a fabulous, authentic experience of living in the middle of the jungle, some great treks, silver silence punctuated only by the occasional warning calls of birds or monkeys when a carnivore comes visiting. And it offers you the best peace you've had on vacation anywhere anytime. This 16acre property shares its boundaries, not fences with the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The promoters of Cardamom Club are keen to offer nature oriented services & maintain an eco friendly atmosphere.

Eco-friendly property : Cardamom Club goes to its best lengths in ensuring eco-friendly sarroundings inside the complex. Along with standard facilities, the enterprise with equal zeal ensures minimal or zero harmful impacts to the environment. Where possible, we buy environmentally friendly products and supplies and for the useage of our guests. We practice the ethical policies of eco tourism to minimising, reusing, recycling and disposing safely of waste. As a part of this assurance, eco-friendly, toiletries and linen are supplied at Cardamom Club for our guests.. We maintain an organic vegetable garden inside the property & encourage to serve organic food to our guests. And we have a system of utilising the biodegradable waste for vermin-compost, which again is used as fertilizer for the farm.

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